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September 12, 2022


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I do the same thing, and, possibly related to your previous post, it seems to be worse post-pandemic (or mid- or wherever we are). I’ve taken a number of trips in the past 8 or so months, for weddings and funerals and visits that accumulated while we couldn’t go anywhere. In every case I have been incapable of packing for the weather I knew I would find at my destination, if it was going to be different from home. Even when I knew I was doing it, I couldn’t… seem… to help it.

And yes, I also seem to have more trouble with names and also retrieving words I want. I don’t *think* it’s early onset dementia.

My husband has GI solipsism. If he's full when we go grocery shopping, he won't want to buy anything because, obviously, he'll never be hungry again. If I talk about dinner at 2 pm, he's not interested because he ate lunch recently and will obviously not be hungry at dinnertime.

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