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September 02, 2022


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I work as an academic coordinator at a multi-campus R1 institution on the west coast. In 2021 the President’s office spent what seemed like a crazy amount of time surveying faculty and about work-life balance and professional satisfaction. A number of changes occurred in 2022 as a result, including suggesting in the strongest possible way that a) meetings start on the hour and be limited to 45 minutes so folks with consecutive Zoom meetings could have a break; b) no standing meetings on Friday—and in fact consider carefully weather a Friday meeting is *ever* necessary and whether standing meetings could occur at longer intervals, and c) advise faculty and staff who supervise others to not send emails to subordinates outside of the 8-5 workday, even if a response was not expected outride of the regular workday. (The survey revealed that the power differential often compelled folks to work longer hour or on personal time). These changes have been WIDELY embraced in my department and morale is up this fall. Though plummeting enrollment #s and a budget that’s in the toilet is sure to test us.

YES to all of this. I work in a corporate office and all of this is also a post-covid problem for non-academia.

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