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September 09, 2022


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YES, emphatically YES! The best is seeing the question appear and the answer forming itself in the thought process :)

And yes, go you! with the writing thing.
Here in Germany the rain has started after a very long and dry summer, and it is around three months to late for all the fields and farmers. Tomorrow we have the 50th anniversary celebration of my husbands company (where he works, not what he owns) and I hope it will not be to wet or stormy because I will get the chance to fly with a helicopter (very long sentence, this).
Have a beautiful weekend!

To the students who wondered if that was supposed to be funny: "Oh, students, how MUCH you miss!" That is hilarious! ANd also true!

Marching band is in full swing around here so we are just going along, fitting the rest of our lives around practices, football games, and Saturday competitions.

The story I always like to share about students and jokes (whether it actually fits the situation or, as here, doesn't really actually) is the one where, one time, I was teaching my first class of the semester, and one of my students muttered, "She is *way* too perky for this hour of the morning." ...But, if memory serves, it was 11:26 AM.

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