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September 13, 2022


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I am still progressing through the Pallisers...and I love him so! There are so many iterations of marriage, and what it might look like! And variations on variations...he seems so sane. Much more than Dickens, he seems like someone I'd agree with and be interested to chat with. His women are SO INTERESTING! Laura Kennedy??? Violet Effingham? Madame Max??? I am both irritated by and enamored of his ENDLESS back and forths, when he (re)considers questions he's already spent plenty of words exploring. Love, love, love him. But struggling to imagine how/when/where I'd teach him! (The only Trollope novel I read in grad school was "The Way We Live Now"!)

So I didn't first read Trollope until relatively recently - maybe 5-7 years ago? I can't even remember. I carted around the Palliser Chronicles in hardback from house to house ever since my grandparents broke up housekeeping to move in with my aunt and uncle, and I plundered their book collection well over 20 years ago; they looked nice on the shelf. It took me awhile to get around to reading them - But what a treat! I was so surprised about how much I enjoyed them. They were easy to read but just thought provoking enough - like a good dessert at the end of a fancy dinner, not just a bunch of sugar; complex but still delicious. A little escapist getaway for Anglophiles. Done reading Jane Austen? Read Anthony Trollope! Reading this post makes me think I need to find more.

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