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August 02, 2022


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Is the yarn Malabrigo Silkpaca? That’s what I’m using right now. I’m making the Upstairs stole. I read zillions of comments on projects using it, and size 4 needle does seem to be the largest needle anyone likes with it. I’m really hoping it holds its shape when blocked. It’s my first time using this yarn, and I’m new to lace knitting as it is. I’m on hiatus from it until later this month because of other things that need my attention. Also, I’m using Chiaogoo lace needles. They make an amazing difference compared to Addi.

I think the fatigue is Covid after-effects. I felt the same, even a couple weeks after. (But also, that's a LOT of doing on that one day! running and climbing!)

I feel you on August hair. All the effort to dry my hair straight with product is undone by the humidity. I also ride a bike to work and when I stop, my hair is drenched with sweat, so welcome back odd wavy hair!

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