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August 21, 2022


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I keep wondering if you will foster more dogs?

Holiday traditions and/or foods. Something that made you happy recently. Games your family enjoys now that your kids are older. Do you have something really difficult you’d like to knit? What is your favorite fall meal? Is there some type of volunteer work that interests you for the empty nest or retirement years? I’ll stop here because I can do this for a long time. ;)

I always enjoy the posts about food or parenting. I like hearing about what your kids are doing. I also like when you talk your way through a problem. I'm a fan of your musings!

All politics, all the time! Just kidding.

But I do enjoy when you're fired up about a topic and manage to write about it intelligently; I am always grateful for those posts.

I second the "thinking about the upcoming empty nest" idea above, since I am in that phase with four short years to go.

Speaking of ambitious knitting, look up marriedinasweater on IG. This amazing woman knitted her own wedding gown.

I second Linda: I am also a fan of your musings, whatever the topic (well, maybe not knitting, that goes mostly way over my head, but never mind that).
Parenting may be also difficult because - nearly adult people, but all you can or will tell about the things you and your children do together is interesting. To be hones - I am interested in YOU, so whatever you write about that will be read gladly and symphatetically (is this a word?).

I’d like your take on the NYT article stating that codependency is a bunk concept. If you are alcoholic-adjacent, this is a key concept of Al Anon. You have a head for science and research, so your thoughts would be interesting.

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