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August 25, 2022


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I feel this. I actually had to make one of my things to try in 2022 was to go for 85%. I generally like nothing more than maximizing and doing things perfectly, but 85% works well, too. It’s let me let go of the anxiety of perfecting everything.

This is so familiar! Why, when I had all summer, am I just now scrambling to get ahead? Because the time I thought I would have will get consumed by something unforeseen - for example, the virtual class I thought I had all prepped was set to open on Monday. I was busy all day Monday with in person classes and that emotional day of getting off on the right foot with the in person group. Meanwhile, I logged in to the virtual class on Tuesday where all hell had broken out because a 'quiz" that I did not set up for Honorlock, which I don't want to use but the department requires, needed a password, and people wanted the ISBN for the text, and they couldn't figure out how to record media for their intro posts, etc. So much for starting off on the right foot with them!
But it is exciting to meet a whole new cohort and look forward to new class dynamics. Cheers to a great year!

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