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August 23, 2022


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Dog rescue is so complicated and I agree with everything you said. We are flagged by our local rescue group as having previously surrendered a dog. The dog in question was a failed adoption - he displayed some aggressive behavior to the dog already in our home. We may have been willing to work through that at a different time in our lives, but at that time our son was young and could have been caught in the crossfire, so to speak. The flag has made adding canine companions more difficult. I get they need to pick good families, but their own behaviorist recommended we return the dog when she found out the age of our son and I resent have to re-explain the circumstances. (Happy ending - after visiting with a good dozen other dogs we now have a fantastic second canine companion who loves both the first dog and our son!)

Aw! I pretty much love this post.

It does sound like maybe a permanent dog is something that is at least the subject of some casual yearning.

A long time ago when we lived in a different state, I noticed that one of the local cat rescue groups stated that they would refuse to place a cat with anyone who would not let a cat sleep in bed with them. (and that seemed like a pretty steep hill to die on, yanno?)

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