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August 30, 2022


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I love word nerds.❤️

Your sentiments are shared by me.

My son took the Ohio State online SLIYS program this summer for an introduction to linguistics, and has been heard muttering various sounds from the IPA to himself for the rest of the summer. It's fun, if a little weird.

This was so fun to read! It was loved by me.

"And sure, your children are not your children, seek not to make them like you, Kahlil Gibran blah blah blah, but YOU GUYS, it's SO FUN having a kid who geeks out about language." - this is EXACTLY how I feel whenever the kids talk about economics (that's my field, or was). Same geekiness, different topic.

I love language geeks! "Mistakes were made" is my absolute favorite example of passive voice, so I laughed when I saw it employed by you. :D

My daughter and I geek out on this stuff, too...but converting everything into passive voice has not been tried by us (yet). In addition to grammar, we like to riff on spelling. What if you replaced all the vowels in a name with the same vowel? What do you like better, Ylyzybyth or Olozoboth? What if you named your child Beighleigh Weinstein and pronounced it Bay-lee Wine-steen?

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