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July 31, 2022


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I have been re-reading some of the Willis I discovered after your suggestion of Doomsday book those 6 yrs ago (which I read in ebook form on baby-moon with my now-6yo born just after you posted). I haven't re-read Doomsday Bk, partly because I can't get it in hard copy (again, even in different library system - why?). But the short story The Last of the Winnebagos hits close too in a different way, here in our current water-limiting gas-car-outlawing SW. I was also noticing some of the ways she sounds dated, and some that are still right on.

I think some people are actually hard to reach on vacation still. Even in real life, you have the Nobel prize winner on the Ring video whose neighbor came and woke him up because the winner wasn't answering his phone. :-) And occasionally I need to walk into the church office in all my annoying physical "sit here till you help me" presence to get ahold of the sacramental prep people.

I love Domesday Book, it's one of my very favorite books of all time, and I seem to recall that the missing administrator is salmon fishing in Scotland. I think it's entirely possible that Oxford dons could still be just as unreachable under those circumstances as Willis imagined.

Maybe I should re-read that (I've just finished the third Maisie Dobbs, rather intense with one twist I did not predict, and have started Olga Dies Dreaming, which is relaxing piffle).

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