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July 31, 2022


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I went to my 40th reunion last summer. They actually had a multi year gathering in order to sell enough tickets to rent the venue. It had more lows than highs, honestly.

I learned about slaw dogs when I moved to GA - definitely a thing here, also. I love them. (and slaw on a BBQ sandwich) =)

Loved this post.

You were missed. <3

It was odd without you, Jerusha, and Danny there and I also almost changed my mind about attending but I'm very glad I went. Our Jr High could have used some stronger representation. There were very few of us.

You mentioned the deaths - something that struck me is how many of them were related to mental health issues (the two DV victims at the hand of someone else). It jumped out to me bc it's closely aligned with the work I do. I'm not sure what the situation is across the country but in WV its very difficult to access mental health services. And of course, the stigma for men is very real.

I did not attend my most recent high school or college reunions, and now my 35th is coming up next year. I doubt I will attend, simply because the people who do attend are not part of the circle of people I would most like to see.

You can get a slaw dog in NC, but the masterpiece is eastern NC BBQ with slaw on a potato bun. Amazing.

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