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July 23, 2022


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I must miss being in choruses myself, based on how many secret daydreams I've had of "maybe someday my coworkers and I will randomly burst into song while traveling to a conference" over the past several years. (At my college, there seems to be some overlap between "people who teach English or are librarians" and "people who spent a fair amount of their youth-and-sometimes-later in chorus, band, and/or theater rehearsals.") Do any colleges near you have community choruses? My husband was in a local college's community band for a while, adding to their flute section; he'd hesitated for a while before joining but ended up so glad he did. Life circumstances have thrown us off of that for a few years now, but I'd like to see him rejoin.

I love singing in harmony too. One of life's best moments is when you are singing with someone you know well and you both attempt to switch to the harmony part at the same time, and dissolve into laughter.

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