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July 02, 2022


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I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

Hey, thank you so much for the link and shout out to Progressive Strength! It sounds like our journeys have so much in common! I'm happy to "meet" another woman who has found empowerment in strength training and is doing the hard work to redefine their relationship with their body. Stay strong. <3

Jamie, this is one of the best posts I have read this month. I have been reading a lot and listening to podcasts on the subject, and it's so disheartening. The diet cycle is so terrible, and our societal views on women's bodies is honestly awful. Thanks for posting this. I have been doing strength training over the past 18 months and it's really been great for me overall. My doctor tells me I am at very high risk for developing osteoporosis, so I am doing everything I can to prevent it. I have thought about the esthetics my whole life, but now it's all about my health (well, a little esthetics too). Stay strong! Keep up that avocado!

I loved your recommendation of Younger Next Year. I also just got a similar book that's written specifically for women (Next Level). Both are very clear with the "don't diet" message.

I want to do pull-ups too. I'm struggling with a shoulder impingement that's been a pain (literally and figuratively) for about a year now :(

This was really such an illuminating and thought provoking post. I am going to be pondering how to reclaim my metaphorical avocado for a long time, I think.

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