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June 27, 2022


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I love book reviews that include reviews of books I already have an opinion about (The Great Believers). Off to get some of these and avoid others.

I read and loved What We Wish wish Were True.

Have you read or heard of Hidden Mercy: AIDS, Catholics, and the Untold Stories of Compassion in the Face of Fear, by Michael O'Loughlin (pub 2021)? I'd like to read it; I've got it on my wishlist ... my library hasn't got it.

That is a really on-point list of reading. I have had The Great Believers on my list for a while, I should probably bump it up.

I HATED Wish You Were Here. Hated it. I know I'm in the minority, and it could have been my headspace at the time, but I had such a negative reaction to it. I will say, in its defense, that it was interesting to read about the early stages of the pandemic. It's kind of easy for me to forget what it was like, how terrifying it was, and how new everything was.

Just finished Tallu Schuyler Quinn's book and regret that I never worked with the Nashville Food Project (I'm local.) Remarkable woman.

When I think about Catholics who were there during the AIDS crisis, this is one area where Fauci should really be honored, and I knew nothing of his work until critics used it against him in lockdown. He went to the margins when few would.

I've been stalled out on The Great Believers for a while, not because it wasn't wonderful, but because sustained attention to text is periodically quite challenging for me, the school librarian. Sigh. I will move it back to the top of my list (and probably have to start over, sigh again).

I have heard wonderful things about The Sentence, which happens to be set in my home metro area. Perhaps it is the pandemic-era novel we are all looking for? If I can give myself permission not to finish the dozens of books downloaded to my three airplane-mode kindles of various vintages, I might buy it and report back.

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