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June 29, 2022


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The telehealth needs to be easy to access. We have it available through our insurance, and when my family needed it, it was a MAJOR hassle to get it accessed. Needed a bunch of information just to log in, then it wasn't working, then we had to call someone, and on and on to the point where we should've just gone to the doctor.

Not sure how you work that out with privacy issues and all that, but I am here to tell you that if someone newly pregnant and scared had to navigate what we did, they'd run so far away from that situation. :(

I 100% agree with you that changes in federal and state law to allow national licensure and service provision across state lines would be life-saving for women and children.

We have had wonderful experiences with Telehealth, including a medical provider who worked hard to fix their problems with Telehealth on mobile devices. It's disheartening to hear that our experience wasn't universal, but it can be. The providers whose patients reported good experiences should be funded to expand their offerings first.

I have to admit, and admittedly I've only been working in public schools for 7.5 years, the number one thing I believe we need is a universal basic income. I will settle for child payments like we had for a hot second under Covid, to get us started. But I'm convinced that giving people money to end poverty is the most efficient, least morally hazardous intervention we can ask our governments to do.

We live in a world with more multi-billionaires every year, in a system where corporations seem to have more personhood rights than women do. UBI might have been a reckless or unsustainable option in 1933 but it's 2022 and that's my proposal.


Love the points about intimate partner violence. Violence or no, I don't think people have thought through some of what it means to have to raise a child with a person you no longer want in your life and may not have had much of a relationship with in the first place. People act like this is such a simple issue and it's just NOT.

I don't know if other states can make up the difference for us (WV) but I'm working on research now and some of our not-surprising findings indicate that we have way fewer mental health professionals than we need and, of course, poor resources for access to telehealth. As someone whose career has revolved around at-risk youth, this whole thing is just gut-wrenching.

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