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January 24, 2022


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How sweet and kind of Pete and Stella 🤗

Here, we too have been experiencing a horrific surge. We have smashed all records, on every level, including child infections and child hospitalizations ... our county has a high vaccination rate, and we have a public mask mandate. But of course that isn't statewide ... it is all so awful.

We are sheltering for the long long term, having medical conditions that could not bear the scourge.

Not gonna lie, got a little teary-eyed at your kids' loving on you. That is amazing.

Like you, we're pretty holed-up right now, for the same reasons. Large surge here too, that's hopefully dropping off a bit. The "cheery" news this morning that the Rate of Acceleration is slower. That's good, I guess? Or at least less-bad?

Oh my gosh, this is the SWEETEST. What loving family members you have!

So very glad that things seem to be turning the corner. Hoping that this valley is... a very long, wide valley with no future peaks.

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