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January 08, 2022


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Do you need a lot of floor space for Jazzercise? I’m looking for a new exercise routine that I can accomplish from home, but floor space is not ample. Also, do I need equipment? Thanks!

I love Jazzercise beyond all reason. I started going in November of 2019. My personal trainer I’d been going to for years (a very fit muscular dude) was all for it. I did both trainer and Jazzercise until March of 2020 lockdown. I stopped the personal training but have continued with Jazzercise. My local Jazzercise gave free access to on demand until they got their local streaming set up. I have continued with both on demand and local streaming. Every once in awhile my local Jazzercise has an outdoor class in a huge parking lot where we all get our own parking space. It certainly is not what I thought it was. There is so much strength training, planks, and push ups.

Jazzercise does not require a lot of floor space so far. It's been easy to modify for our small house even when the instructor goes skipping across a larger space than I have available here. One instructor specifically mentioned people working out in hotel rooms, so I think they try to be mindful that people are working around space constraints.

This sounds like so much great progress already! I really need to get back into exercising.

I love your resolutions! And I am also in medias Palliser (well, that's overstating it...I'm well into "Can You Forgive Her"--but I have the other ones cued up on Audible!)

My exercise discovery this year has been a website (Alo Moves) that has yoga (which I used to do a lot and now...really don't) but also pilates and something called "barre," which involves absolutely no barres (as far as I can tell), but which I have really liked. I alternate days of these workouts paired with walks and days of running (well, really, jogging).

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