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January 26, 2022


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Well. That was interesting. I was struck by the paragraph where her partner didn’t want to waste his workout by NOT eating and it blew her mind. We HAVE been taught the opposite! I really appreciated your post and the one you linked to. I’ve been doing a water exercise class and have been neither sweaty nor sore and was wondering if it was actually doing anything. Looks like maybe it is!

I feel a little silly that I've never put 2 and 2 together here. I've definitely had the debilitating soreness, and was always told it's because I've let it go for too long. I'm kind of an intuitive eater (crave protein = have protein, crave veggies = eat veggies) so I think I've relied on letting my eating habits catch up with matching my body's exercise needs. But there's that time gap, and well, here we are.

Currently rounding out to week 21 of pregnancy over here and am thinking I need to buckle down and start up Pilates before it's time for birth. I need to remember this because my metabolism is a very finely tuned violin at this point, and adding exercise is a recipe for headaches, body aches, and feeling crummy.

I love her advice and have been trying to follow it as I build up some muscle after a year of sloth-ness. It's really hard to eat enough protein without making it a conscious thought at every snack/meal! I have stopped relying on mac & cheese as a complete dinner, so ... baby steps.

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