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January 20, 2022


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Gonna try reading this book that has had such an impact on you - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Hello - just stumbled onto your blog by following a link from another blog, and I enjoy your posts. Your concern about COVID is both relatable and understandable; for some reason your comments about people at the gym refusing to wear masks really resonates with me (such as your post from 12/4/21 in particular).
Those types of people are a big reason why I have yet go to a gym. The people who glibly refuse to wear masks in the community where they reside make me feel livid, and, unfortunately, those types of people are in EVERY community.
Late in the fall last year, I took a flight to attend a family funeral out of state. Every airport was literally packed with travelers on every leg of that journey.
But consider this: no one in any of the airports or on any of the flights was refusing to wear a mask, and why was that, do you suppose?
First of all, if people want to take a plane somewhere, they can’t even walk through the doors of an airport not wearing a face mask without someone stopping them and telling them to go back out and don’t come back in unless and until they are wearing proper PPE.
Second, all people who want to board an aircraft to take a flight somewhere also have to be wearing a face mask, or they won’t be allowed to board the flight (all, that is, except children who are considered too young to wear face masks, such as those who are 3 years old and younger).
Third, flight crews now spend several minutes, pre-flight, spelling out the hefty legal and financial consequences to passengers who disrupt flights and interfere with flight crews by refusing to comply with mask-wearing rules when boardIng the plane and while it’s in-flight.
The bottom line in this scenario, that I suspect anyway, is that a whole host of uncaring, obnoxious people will stubbornly refuse to do the right thing in their own communities and will protest loud and long that mask-wearing is INTERFERING WITH their “civil rights” and their “freedoms” and their “civil liberties” and will yell their loudest that they are “anti-mask mandates” - UNTIL - UNTIL they WANT to do something, like travel.
Like TRAVEL - meaning, when they WANT to take a trip to go on VACATION someplace, and they realize they can’t take a plane to get to that vacation, UNLESS they *submit to the mask mandates* that every airline has in place now for ALL travelers who want to fly anywhere.
THEN, and ONLY then, do we NOT hear so much as a peep out of those people.
THEN they WEAR a mask, just like EVERYBODY ELSE DOES, but in truth it’s ONLY because of something they WANT TO DO (such as, go on VACATION).
You know, COVID has shockingly brought out the very worst in some people - some who won’t put the good of others in their communities at least on par with their own - it’s sad, it’s alarming, it’s maddening - and such attitudes, unfortunately, may well be contributing to why we are still dealing with COVID now.

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