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January 03, 2022


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Since Elwood works in insurance (as do I), the thing this makes me think of is the "invisible" cost of insurance premiums increasing as a result of Covid. Your friend presumably has health insurance that paid for much of this treatment.

One person's treatment doesn't really move the needle from a loss perspective. Thousands of people receiving treatment for a virus they might have avoided had they vaccinated or had the country responded more responsibly DOES move the needle, and the overall net effect is going to be increasing health insurance premiums over time. This may also be true for property/casualty premiums, particularly on the worker's comp side and the commercial side, depending on the outcome of some pending court cases all over the country.

And this doesn't even evaluate the impact that uninsured patients have on the healthcare system. Yes, hospitals can and do write off uninsured expenses (after attempting to collect, of course, and often ruining the patient's financial picture in the process), but the American public pays for those write-offs over time even if they don't directly see the payment.

The decision to make like of Covid's seriousness has significant financial costs that go well beyond whether your neighborhood restaurant was able to stay in business.

I am so glad to hear your friend is doing okay now - wow. More people need to know/think about these kinds of consequences. Thanks for sharing.

This is exactly it -- I'm not too concerned about dying. It's the after-effects that are frightening. I hope your friend is on the mend soon but that is just a horrific string of effects and I am sorry that happened to her. I really wish we could get this handled.

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