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December 04, 2021


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About “the left” being overly concerned, I kind of agree, to a point, that some people are pretty wrapped up in the overall hysteria. I mean, yes, things are serious, but I think we’re beyond the need for panic. Most of the folks I know on “the left” have been vaxed and boosted.

The folks dying from Covid are largely unvaxed, elderly or medically compromised. I don’t think you are any of those things and I know you’ve been vaxed. Got your booster yet?

I know you will watch your community Covid data and make risk based decisions about whether to go to the gym. I’m immunosuppressed and not going to the gym. I’m wearing a KN95 everywhere these days; a cloth mask is pointless when everyone else is barefaced IMO.

We had 11 people here for turkey and we did rapid testing to make sure everyone was clear the day before (would have been better day of).

I’ve had Covid (post vax). There are effective treatments now (MAB, new antivirals?). I got pretty sick (being immunosuppressed and 5 months post vax left me pretty vulnerable I think), got MAB, took a 5 day course of pred and got better. Even tho I hate this comparison, if I’d gotten influenza it would have been about the same, sub Tamiflu for MAB and I’d probably have needed more pred.

You are vaxed, your risk of serious illness is about as small as it is going to get, and not out of class with other risks you take. Community spread is a concern when you think about hospitals and the healthcare system, and of course who we else is in your life that might be high risk has to be a part of your planning.

But you’ll never convince those folks at the gym to wear a mask.

The other bewildering facet of this that I would add is that one person refusing the measure of having AED administered to them does not put anyone else at greater risk of a heart attack. Refusing to wear a mask does.

My understanding of a civil society is that we care about each other, and we agree to some reasonable accommodations to the common good. For me, masks certainly fall into that category. But even if we stipulate a fend for yourself world out there, none of us wants our kids or parents or anyone we love to be sick—even if they *don’t* die, or get long Covid.

It’s hard. Masks make gym workouts harder. I agree that the gym could police it, but I’m sure there is an incentive to not rock the boat and let those concerned wear a mask. I want to scream when people are sitting in the office not wearing masks, even though they are required to do so.

Another front is to see what they are doing to monitor CO2 levels and ventilation. Dr. Linsey Marr has a lot on Twitter about ventilation in gyms. She’s an expert in aerosol transmission of viruses.

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