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December 31, 2021


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Yay! Definitely here for #4 :-) and glad to read!

Happy New Year, Jamie!

Thrilled with resolution #4 — I so enjoy your blog and have done for many years. Still love writing, too. There are still a few of us!

Good luck with the exercising! I love my stationary recumbent bike. Don't know where I'd be without it (no, actually I do know: nowhere good, that's for sure! It's essential for my health and physical wellbeing, especially since becoming disabled and so limited physically). I spin every early morning and every late afternoon, and do simple things with hand-weights, and safe-for-me yoga ...

And here is another one who is rejocing because of #4!! And have a blessed New Year, Jamie!

Hooray for blogging resolutions! And as for exercise videos that aren't "be smaller," so far I've liked Jenny Ford's marching videos, per Simcha Fisher's blog recommendation some time ago. You seem fitter than I am, so maybe they'd be boring to you, but they're up my klutzy alley and seem genuinely fun.

Look up Pahla B. Fitness on YT. Her videos are geared toward women over 50 and she talks about how our bodies are different at this age and more is not necessarily better. She does talk about losing weight, but also just maintaining a regular practice of light cardio. I love her little goofy workouts and they do get the heart going, just enough. :)

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