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November 30, 2021


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I do this, too. All the time.

I do this all the time. (The social anxiety.)

And after job interview day? Dark closet, come to me. (Maybe your colleague’s expression was what sudden empathetic recognition looks like on her face. Because as soon as you mentioned it, my whole body went YES PLEASE. When I got out of an interview day, I went into a dark room to lie on the floor.)

I do sometimes, too. And anyway, if candidates/colleagues have a low tolerance for quirky people who think about and/or say unusual things, the university environment is not for them!

I 100% do this. As an introvert with social anxiety and SAD + a healthcare worker with a morbid sense of humor, I find myself in your position quite often.

I've tried to stop worrying so much and own it instead, but it is only going so-so.

I do it ALL THE TIME. And relive the comments in my head.

I didn't think that comment was weird at all. It was more "Introverts REPRESENT"! I don't know how academic candidates DO it without wanting to crawl into a closet afterwards.

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