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November 12, 2021


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I continue to be stunned by the collective agreement that we seem to have all made to ignore the reality that covid numbers are worse now than they were during any of the pre-Delta spikes.

However, for a vaccinated kid, the risk of catching Covid is low, and of being seriously ill, hospitalized, or dying, are very very very low. This camping trip sounds to me like a terrible public health decision and a dangerous choice for unvaccinated campers, but probably a reasonable activity for a vaccinated 16 year old.

I believe these activities as well as flying, going to museums, theaters, restaurants, etc should be reserved for the vaccinated.

However, I do think the risks here are very low. The uptick in cases, including children, are all linked to unvaccinated adults. Also, the vaccine protects against serious illness and death so it’s time to stop reporting on these “shocking” breakthrough infections.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! It never ends. I wish I had an answer for you - and ME!

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