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November 03, 2021


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A friend of mine recently emailed a group of acquaintances who are on a nonprofit board to let them know she couldn't attend their meeting because of exposure to COVID, and reported to me that she was feeling bereft that not a single person emailed back to say "I hope you don't get it" or "we'll miss you, see you next month" or ANYTHING. I told her not to take it personally, as I think from my own experience I am doing a poor job of keeping up with my former quotient of "minor token kindnesses" because they just don't seem important when we are all so pandemic-fatigued. Your situation is different but it struck me that what you experienced is the same kind of thing my friend experienced. I don't think it was her, and I don't think it's you. I think it's all of us and our varying abilities to "get back to normal." I know for me, I have been avoiding heading back to my office and I think a big part of it is knowing that I will have a lot of the same kinds of 'weird awarenesses' and would just as soon not expend the emotional energy noticing and wondering about it. But on the flip side, I'm going to have to leave hermit mode eventually...gah. Good luck with recalibrating the antennae--you are not alone!

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