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October 08, 2021


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I’ve struggled all my life with being “big built”. I also still find myself adjusting the way I sit so I don’t take up too much space, and think of my weight almost every day. So much for body positivity. Maybe it’s a generational thing?

Speaking from the perspective of a person who has always had a bigger top than bottom (currently size 12 on top, size 8 on bottom), I feel your pain and I also feel the pain of needing to buy new blazers and blouses, both of which can be expensive.

BUT! I will say that being strong is its own reward and that your newly-built shoulders will look SMASHING in sleeveless tops and other articles of clothing designed to make the most of your clavicle.

It isn't ungrateful to simultaneously recognize the benefits of hard work and getting stronger while also griping a bit about the consequences! Congratulations on your strength gains!

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