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September 16, 2021


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I always wonder when *this* cough is going to be the one I'm kicking myself for not taking more seriously.

The administration's stand, while understandable, is surely not the only option, even if it's the only CYA one. It would seem in time of pandemic, that they might allow you to say, "If you have a cough you know not to be COVID, please let me know quietly before class. Otherwise, any coughing beyond one-off will be unwelcome in my class and I will write you a note immediately excusing you from class to go get a covid test at the student health center." Because it's not like the *cough* is something that can be kept hidden, so at some point being able to address it isn't really that invasive, even if specific reasons behind it might be. And surely your building has a ton of those "I agree by entering this space that I do not have symptoms such as..." does it not?

(To be clear, by *this* cough, I meant the one emanating from someone near me, not my own, although in wildfire smoke season it can be hard to tell about mine too)

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