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September 09, 2021


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You almost make me want to give weight lifting a try, yanno, when the pandemic ends and stuff.

I'd totally be your middle-aged lady lift buddy if we lived in the same town and you were willing to coddle a newbie.

Is there a CrossFit gym near you? It’s the only place I have ever felt comfortable doing Olympic lifts - the gym I go to skews older (average age is early 50s). Also for pull-ups, can you use a resistance band for assistance to start?

Since you have an older house, maybe you have tall doorways. My parents installed a pull up bar in a doorway in our house for all the teenage years.

My 38-y-o sister-in-law recently took up Olympic weightlifting. It was interesting to learn that (at least at her gym) people specialize ONLY in Olympic or ONLY in powerlifting or ONLY in bodybuilding. She said the people in each group tend to think their own exercises are interesting and fun and challenging in just the perfect ways, and that the folks doing the other options are doing things they are certain they absolutely couldn't do or would be bored by. I had no idea of the difference between Olympic and powerlifting, or that body builders--again, at least at her gym--tend to focus on the machines rather than free weights. But anyway, she seems to be loving it. The two of you together DO make a good case for lifting weights! I'm much more hermitty than you are, though, and can barely step into a gym without having a panic attack, so I'm more into customizable 7-minute workout apps that mostly use body weight only plus occasional home barbell lifting (our heaviest ones are only 15s...but I consider it good when I use the 5s...I'm just that wimpy). All of which I tell you so that you pat yourself on the back for being at the gym at all despite the lack of other middle-aged ladies. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!

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