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September 22, 2021


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I agree with you. Friday morning is not part of the weekend. If they had asked about care over a "long weekend" then you would have known to ask what days were being tacked on to weekend, but absent that I would have assumed Fri afternoon to Sun evening-ish. And, as much as I love my pets and on some level do consider them family, they are still "just pets."

Some people - many people around me? - work either 4-10s (M-Th) or 9-80 (M-F, M-Th, repeat) and so have one or both Fridays of a 2-week period open. Our city government, dentist, etc etc are also closed on Fridays, thus making that open Friday no more use as a "weekday" for many things than a Saturday would be. But I haven't met anyone on that schedule who assumes Friday is a weekend day, except just casually when you assume the next day must be Sunday because, well, you've already done Saturday....

Frustrating about the grumpiness.

I agree the attitude toward surrendering a pet is probably a fur-baby thing.

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