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July 12, 2021


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HOO boy would there have been things I wanted to say. The woman in question's response sounds pretty good—dismissive, accurate, and clearly indicating that he wasn’t worth her time, but I wouldn’t have been satisfied with it.

I would have been tempted to go with flat-out rude and probably profane, or else to deliver an insufferably self righteous exegesis on the destructive nature of the patriarchy.

Post pandemic me does not feel all that charitable, I'm sorry to say.

Good response by her. And yes, that is infuriating. Just think how much he was threatened by those weights she was lifting...

I think the best thing to say would have been something that would be good for the woman to hear.

Who cares what *he* gets out of the encounter?

Yeah, I should care, but I'd rather validate her than try to take a jerk down.

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