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June 05, 2021


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It’s not your fault. People were told IF you’ve been vaccinated there are no more masks, and all they heard was no more masks. The rest of us are supposed to extend the honor system to people who in many ways proved they have no honor, with their Trump support. It puts the rest of us in a bad situation and anger is the default. I’m going to wear a mask indoors at crowded places. It’s truly all I can do to be able to move forward with reopening life as normal.

This is SO me. I find I am much calmer about this now that I have had my vaccine . . . which I guess only proves how self centered I am. The whole dilemma also proves how we have no control over other people. Sigh.

Well, I think the questions is, does having young children wear masks protect the vulnerable? I'm not sure the evidence shows that it does. (I am firmly on team wear a mask, preferably high quality, if you are an unvaccinated adult.)

But I hear you on the challenges of church in this current season. There's been so much sin and brokenness that's been brought to light in the past year - how do we keep our eyes on Jesus and not the baggage that we and our neighbors bring into the pews?

I think figuring out the "not yet eligible for vax" population is hard. It seems highly "unfair" that adults can go unmasked while children still have to mask through no anti-vax choice of their own, and given their different risk profile. The Atlantic had an article examining the conundrum a while ago:

But of course, I'm leaving my unvax kids at home for now in any case....

(And seconding the praise of Bearing's post)

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