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June 16, 2021


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Small amount of fussy people, for sure. I've only heard this from one guy and he lived in a very conservative suburb and also was kind of a jerk. If I have an option, I guide my dog(s) to pee on the grass that's between the sidewalk and the street or maybe onto the woodchips, but otherwise, I don't worry about the pee.

I’m with Linda. Cats, squirrels, bunnies, birds and all kinds of fauna are peeing on people’s lawns. People should get over themselves.

I have also been dismayed to see signs about this, but when I think about my own dog, I think I understand, slightly. My dog's pee is caustic enough (or something enough) that it yellows my own lawn and shrubs if we don't rinse it off. Knowing this about him has made me try to control where he pees on walks a little more so as not to damage other people's grass and perennials. And the home where I first saw a sign did have some half yellowed shrubs facing the sidewalk of exactly the height that my dog would love to pee on, so I understood the sentiment even as I also thought the sign was fussy/rude...

I have never heard this before and I belong to a neighborhood Facebook group of exceedingly wealthy (and consequently fussy) people. LOTS of complaints about dog poop on the lawn, never seen one about dog peeing on the lawn. I mean - I can certainly imagine it happening, but I think this is a really particular subset of individuals and I wouldn't get fussed about it.

Only on the parkway (grass between sidewalk and road). NEVER on a lawn. It is at best rude. Dogs should utilize their own property for relieving themselves.

I am very, very tired of irresponsible dog owners allowing their pets onto my property.

Female dogs, or male dogs that pee rather than marking, can absolutely cause burnt spots in their own lawns by the caustic-ness and sheer amount of the pee, so I can see it being a definite issue in a way squirrel pee is not. Generally I try to keep my household - kids, dogs, etc - off other people's property out of respect.

When I was growing up, we lived on a corner on a popular route to the elementary school, and until we put up a fence, the kids just walked across our yard. It was really irritating, and may have formed my thoughts about property tromping :-)

Around here, it seems a vocal subset of the population thinks leashing one's dog is an unacceptable limit on one's rights, so who knows....

I am shocked by some of these comments?? I do not think it's rude at all. (I will say, we also have a swing set and hammock in our front yard, and all neighborhood kids are welcome on them....I might have an expansive? sense of what being a good neighbor is)

Is it too late for me to suggest that "fussy" is not a fair assessment of people who would prefer not to have their lawns killed by dog pee?

I have a dog, and he is only allowed on the parking strip of other people's lawns. Not just only allowed to pee there, only allowed to walk there. And that was the rule before a neighbor's dog had a massive attack of diarrhea in our front yard.

I don't think being unhappy about that makes me a bad neighbor.

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