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June 09, 2021


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Thank you for answering my questions! I a share the geekiness with you, and I am such a dork in fact that it never occured to me to trade lingots for tests in order to go through it faster. Too prim to skip steps??

I’m off to figure out about using lingots to test out of repetitive lessons… Au revoir, and Tak!

Re-commenting to say that tests cost me 200 gems, not 5! It takes a fair amount of « hier, nous avons cuisiné » to get up to 200 gems, so it takes a long time to get through the skills. I use the mobile version but allegedly gems (mobile) are equivalent to lingots (web).

This is SO FUN. I was a French major once upon a time and have since never used that skill again in adulthood! And now I work for a German company and THAT skill would come in really handy in many situations in my daily work-life! I have resisted and resisted Duolingo (I don't know why), but you are making it sound PRETTY DARN FUN... so maybe you all have inspired me. :) Merci?

Maria, I never use the mobile app. The advertising is much less intrusive in the web version. I find lingots easier to accrue than gems, and they do not seem to be equivalent -- I have very different numbers of gems and lingots.

My daughter uses both web and mobile versions and reports it's true that they vary quite a bit with what the system will let you do and "for how much booty" and not only that, they seem to change things often enough that something that would work last week will no longer work this week. Neither of us started until 2020, during the pandemic, and we both started with Spanish which I think might be the largest course of all of them. I should look for one of the short ones, heh!

You do not seem geeky at all to me with these admissions; I am right there with you. Language stuff fascinates me, and I frequently wish I had studied linguistics instead of biology. I am always surprised when Americans don't seem to know even the most basic things about western European languages (articles, capitalizing German nouns, etc.)..I wonder how they have not picked these things up by osmosis, but then have to remind myself that my interest might be fairly unusual. And then I further remind myself that until my daughter started Mandarin in kindergarten, I had no idea that Mandarin has super easy grammar, and even now I have forgotten most of the flashcarded words she taught me. (I can count to 3 and say I love you, all with terrible tones despite my musical ear, and that's about it.)

I might be too lazy to study languages with declensions...that's what discouraged me when I took Russian and has also discouraged me when I have tried to relearn Lithuanian, which I spoke as a toddler when my Lithuanian mom and I lived with her parents when my non-Lith dad was in Vietnam. When he got back and we moved away, my mom stopped speaking Lithuanian to me and I lost it. I have the pronunciation and can often identify the topic of conversation, but usually don't get the gist of conversations because the endings are so complex. I will either have to go and live with relatives for a few months to learn it, or maybe Duolingo will eventually add it and I'll learn it there!

Not geeky at all! That sounds so fun! That's how my Latin teacher lured me in back in 8th grade when we had to choose a foreign language -- "it's like solving puzzles!" she said. SIGN ME UP.So now you have lots of puzzles and connections to make between languages.

Giddy -- we're hoping for Lithuanian, too! My husband is fluent (as is his whole family) but I am not and my kids are not. I know food words and some oddball words and I can maybe tell you some endings but that's it. If you hear about it, let me know! And vice-versa!

Mary D--it's a deal!! In the meantime, it's summer--may you regularly enjoy some saltibarsciai and ledai. (For everyone else's benefit: cold beet soup and ice cream.)

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