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June 18, 2021


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It’s also not long enough for a dog to settle down, especially one who has been uprooted from the familiar. If you adopt, the likelihood is that you and the dog will settle, learn each other’s routines, and adapt to a new, shared rhythm. It might take a while, like months before you’re fully settled, but it won’t take THAT long to start breathing easier. More than 3.5 weeks though.

If you adopt your own dog, it will depend on the age of the dog. A puppy will take longer; they have to go out frequently. An older dog would take less time to settle in but still have a period of adjustment. When we adopted our now 13 year old mix, he was about 8 months. He took about 3 months of settling in. He needed that time to feel secure and attached to us.

Fast forward to this past April when he became ill. A few things going on, but one that had us taking turns to get him out 4x a night. Wow, what a way to realize how much sleep you’re actually getting and a stark realization of why children arrive when you’re younger. I am thrilled he is back to sleeping all night. But, if not for him right next to my bed, he wouldn’t have been able to nose me awake to take him out.

He is better, but I can see the beginning of sunset and it makes me sad.

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