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June 19, 2021


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Tommy Tighe quoted this in his Twitter feed:

“As a convert, I never expected much of bishops. In all history, popes and bishops seem to have been blind and power-loving and greedy. I never expected leadership from them. What I do expect is the bread of life and down through the ages there is that continuity.”

- Dorothy Day

I think there has always been tension between leadership from the bottom and leadership from the top. Am I more influenced from the person in my parish who is unfailingly kind and charitable or by Cardinal Dolan? It would be great if those who lead us were Christian exemplars, but lacking that we have to find our own role models.

I found it uplifting to read the actual outline proposed by the bishops, rather than the caricatures of it suggested in the press:


(also very helpful to read the actual Ladaria letter rather than the pseudo-summaries floating around.)

And it's kind of exciting to hear that the bishops want to build more Eucharistic devotion over the next few years - we might get processions? Pilgrimage? Could be very cool.... More Jesus + more conversion.

I also found Amy Welborn's reflections on bishops and their responses (or lack of) to society-wide injustice to be good for thought and prayer.


As she sums up:

"Let’s see. Ambiguous papal statements that could be used to support the status quo of an immoral and unjust system. And were by American Catholic leadership. An American Catholic populace that also supported that injustice, or, at the very least, opposed and feared change."

But the historical injustice she is looking at is slavery.

I think of course, the first priority must be drawing close to Jesus and allowing Him to form me to be like Him, to be willing to BE Him to others as He asks me to. This is what will set the world ablaze. But the blood of the innocents cries to heaven, and sometimes an unwillingness to be "political" is itself an act, even a political act.

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