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May 17, 2021


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I made the same choice about the Prevnar vaccine and I am fully enmeshed in science and modern medicine. My kids didn’t need it and so we waited until each was 1 yr old before giving it. Our pediatrician and my dad, a retired pediatrician, were totally fine with that choice.

And I also had shingles, when I was almost 40, after the birth of my 2nd child. Both of our daughters got their varicella shots right on schedule.

I was also blessed to contract parvovirus from my kids - I missed that as a child and I am here to report that if there is ever a parvovirus vaccine (which I doubt) I say take it. I think that virus gave me reactive arthritis which has never gone away. Getting parvovirus as an adult was one of my all time worst experiences.

I’m glad your 12 yr old has been vaccinated.

PS wasn’t it shingles that led to you conceiving her?????

My school district has a jr/sr high building. 7-12 all together. It's a covid swamp since spring football season and the school has basically thrown up their hands and said we aren't doing anything when it comes to athletes or seniors. Prom, didn't even attempt to keep the sick kids out or masked. So If I'm sending my child into that building next year, I have no trust left in the admin and it's every family for themselves.

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