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May 24, 2021


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We had a grumpy neighbor. He left us anonymous threatening letters when we first moved in and got the trash pick-up schedule wrong. After a hurricane in which the entire block was without power, his generator kept his lights and A/C on. He must have overlooked the opportunities to put an extension cord out for his neighbors, as many other people did during that time.

He had a wife who was lovely. Shortly after the hurricane his mental health declined. Ultimately he ended up in a nursing home where he passed away. We found out later that in his dementia he’s become verbally abusive to his lovely wife..

Honestly I’ll glad she got him out of the house. I don’t miss him. Is that bad?

"She must think of herself as a Good Christian"
Maybe she doesn't, and her Facebook Account is a picture of what she wants to be, but can't?

It is a remote possibility, and does not make the hurt of her behaviour any less, but...

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