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May 23, 2021


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I started out on a long solo bike ride today after my husband annoyed me - I thought we were riding together but he had decided to go on a walk and didn’t communicate that until he was heading out the door....ANYWAY I was enjoying the heck out of my ride and 6 miles away from home it started raining.

It’s rained every day this week and I knew it might rain today, but I thought it would be light and sporadic. I pulled off the trail and stood under a leafy oak tree, pretty protected from the moderate rain. Then there was more rain. And more. At one point it lightened up so I headed off toward home. Within minutes it was a downpour.

I rode out of the park and down a residential thruway, into a commercial area, and found an awning to stand under. At this point the storm sewers we backing up. I looked down the road a bit and saw a bus stop, so I headed to it - a bus came pretty soon after. Our Metro has bike racks on the buses so I put up my bike and got a ride home. Thank goodness for CV19 vaccines and a solid public transportation system.

I was really enjoying my ride and I too always shout “on your left” as I pass walkers. The bus driver was kind. I didn’t sing tho.

I'm in the midwest, so I almost always exchange polite nods/good mornings/hellos with other dog walkers. Because my dogs are so silly-looking, and Liz Lemon is always trying to smell everyone, there's often a short exchange about them. When I was a runner, there was always a polite nod of greeting. I don't really care if someone ignores me, but it feels weird to me to NOT say, "I acknowledge your existence, fellow human being."

I would however, take the long way to avoid someone singing a hymn at the top of their lungs, lol.

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