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May 10, 2021


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Oui, and his Frenchness is also a definite black mark...Mlle Hortense and Mme Defarge are further evidence Dickens was completely on board with his nation's francophobia! (I revisited The Count of Montecristo a couple of summers ago, and the Marseille prison was reminding me of poor Dantes).

So--is Pet admirable or pitiable? And is Tattycoram justified in her rage or deplorable? (Do we believe her laments or her recantations?) (And then, are the Meagles sweet and funny or...a little sinister? )She's also the anti-Esther from Bleak House--not AT ALL grateful or prepared to shake her basket of keys and say "duty."

Your adjective for Miss W is admirably foreshadowy: it's her voice we'll hear in "The History of a Self-Tormentor"! (she reminds me of Edith in Dombey and Son).

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