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May 16, 2021


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Nailed it. I still don’t want to go to church. This pretty much covers it. I sum it up with “I don’t trust three other parishioners”

You are just the best.

I tried to go to Mass yesterday for the first time since they went back indoors, and we were planning to receive communion for the first time since March 2020. The 3 of us over 16 were newly "fully vax" you see. But the church had just taken down their tape and their 6' guidance was over. Most were still wearing masks (CA) but of course of course not all. But they were also clearly preparing for singing. And I saw no attempt to provide more air exchange. We went home again instead - there was no room there for us to have 6' of space to ease us back, and I still have 4 over the age of reason but under the age of 16. Grieving....

My brother the parish priest has expressed a similar preference to yours about singing: he would rather be able to relax the #s than the masking. He sees it as more important to welcome back more than 25% to Mass.

I sort of want to request a special Mass, like the sensory ones or the autism-welcome ones, for those of us who take seriously the CDC guidance on being safely indoors with nonhousehold (and prob nonvax, unless they're all down the freeway at the FSSP parish that most of the vocal ones in the homeschooling email chain go to) people. Bare bones, no singing (we can all say that antiphon together) fully masked and social distanced. We're going to try for most of that at a daily Mass....

(Why should my daughter be more safe at ballet, and our family more safe at the zoo, just because the Church is free from govt intrusion? Shouldn't they be the standard-bearers for caring for the people?)

But at least we made it to Confession while people were still willing to stay 6' away and were all still wearing masks....

It is so sad that the lack of vigorous compliance with the CDC's recommendations causes some people to miss Mass. I was one of those people. Now that I am vaccinated I am trying to be brave and forgiving.

https://arlinghaus.typepad.com/blog/2021/05/im-adding-things-back-in-slowly-i-think-its-going-to-be-a-long-time-before-it-feels-completely-normal-to-be-inside-a-store.html”>related thoughts

sorry, Jamie, delete that hashed up link for me!

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