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May 09, 2021


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I’m living exactly the same experience over here in Arts Nonprofit Land, from telling myself "there’s no such thing as an Arts emergency" to niggling irritability all day while diligently *not* opening my work email. Tomorrow morning when I do, I expect a parliament of owls' worth of Hogwarts Howler-style messages—not from misappropriating students, but from board members who on Friday learned they’re in danger of a grownup version of academic probation or even failing out altogether, for equally appalling and obviously inappropriate behavior about which they, too, have been warned and educated for the better part of a year or more.

It’s been a discouraging year. Strong work/life boundaries are essential.

😕 How'd it go?

I think this is the first time in my ten years here that I did not receive a single email from a student asking for a better grade. Color me astonished! (It's possible that I will hear from students this week, but it seems less likely now.)

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