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May 25, 2021


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My daughter wrote a paper about how Mrs. C's house demonstrates the idol she created in her image - of a vengeful god, illustrated by the plagues pics among other things - and how such an idol is doomed to come crashing down sooner or later.

I was seeing the imprisonment everywhere - Dickens talks about the shadow of the Marshalsea, and even Little Dorrit has some of it somehow. I think it's interesting how Mr. Dorrit is somehow still imprisoned by it, even as he accustoms himself to wealth, because he is not free to maintain his old friends or repay their charity for fear it will give him away.

My favorite character is Pancks, because he was so unexpected! I thought he was a stock character, and then he went and developed in quite a surprising manner! I have to say, I love reading Flora though :-) She does best read aloud to another who is reading along with you, because she's so well written.

I was sad for Pet at her marriage (and after) but had to laugh at Clenham's "nobody" internal monologue as he talks himself out of being in love with her.

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