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April 29, 2021


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I feel the same. Both adults are fully vaccinated, neither kid is. HOping the big one will be eligible but hte little one won't be for a while. I still wear a mask and still have the initial "NOPE" feeling wigth anything with a crowd, or strangers. But honestly, I don't want to take the kids to a NOPE type place. We still haven't eaten in a restaurant, inside or out. Not many of our favorite places have an outside, I guess.

We are going to a family vacation/reunion that we have to fly to in July. Hoping it'll be ok and maybe Big Kid will be vaccinated by then.

I am a teacher and have been vaccinated for months. Our small community finished all our prioritized groups and vaccines are now available to anyone who needs them.

We are rather isolated, but eating out inside, going to our small movie theater, etc, etc.

My knitting group is all vaccinated and we meet on Saturdays inside, no social distancing since the CDC says that’s allowed now in small vaccinated groups.

I even flew to Maine due to a friend’s emergency. That was a bit challenging, but I was confident being vaccinated.

If I wasn’t vaccinated it would be a different story.

I say all this ... knowing my friend in Bermuda is back on lockdown, because a man brought the UK variant back to the island. So definitely not over!

Being in a small county, less than 11k people, makes a huge difference. I would not feel the same in a large population.

I had my second shot Tuesday, so I’m not fully covered yet. I’m not ready to get back to normal. I went to a very small event today that I thought would be outdoors. It was not. The announcements had very strict "masks and social distancing required" notices. They were not particularly adhered to. I was incredibly uncomfortable and had no idea what to do. I know shaming people isn’t effective but I desperately wanted to loudly inform protocol violators of their errors. This is not admirable of me.

I also stopped into a small jewelry shop today, about a graduation gift for my daughter. I felt comfortable walking in because they had a large plexiglass barrier by the door with a table with hand sanitizer and comforting signs about masks and distancing. Then the proprietor came out with no mask, then said he had to go get his mask, and then sort of took it on and off while I was there. Very uncomfortable.

I know things are getting better. I know vaccinations are gettting put into arms. But only 30% of people in my county are fully vaxxed as of now. Our new daily case rate remains stubbornly higher than it was all last summer. And kids count for herd immunity.

I’m not comfortable yet.

Wouldn't it be nice if people were up-front with their mask and distance expectations, and then adhered to the minimum of whatever they announced? So you could go or not, without having to guess (and feeling lied to and/or having to shush your inner mask-police)?

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