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April 19, 2021


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My husband got unexpectedly bitten by a neighborhood dog while walking down the street, staying on our side to keep out of its (little yippy attitude) way. But it ran right over to where we were, and showed my husband's ankle who was boss. And then its owner, right there but oblivious, denied it happened - "Oh, he doesn't bite!" Um, yeah, the hole in my ankle says otherwise - can we see his rabies vaccine record??

Our evening walks for the next months were affected by a mental recoil around that block, and all small dogs made my dog-loving husband really nervous for quite a while. Kind of a bummer.

It seems like if it was "foster or put down for behavior" you'd need to give the foster people MORE info and support, rather than less. (And kudos to Elwood for his gracious response - I'm the non-dog-person who provides vet taxi service when needed in our house, and I would be hard pressed to do anything other than show the guest to a spare crate for the night, and probably for the rest of his visit.)

My almost 6-foot tall daughter is terrified of chihuahuas. There was a mean one in our old neighborhood that we finally had to encourage her to kick if it tried to bite her while she was rollerblading. She never did, but she's still very skittish around them. Good call.

Oh no. I am so sorry. THat is so scary and I don't care how small that dog is, it can do some serious damage. Mandamum is right, they should've given you more information and made sure you were up for this.

I am really sorry. I also agree that they should have given you more info, and I so unhappy about that piece, I question whether you should ever foster for them again.

Also, chihuahuas are notoriously bad tempered. And spouse was hit twice last summer by previously friendly dogs. This has been a rough year for pack animals, I think.

I’m sorry, and I hope you heal quickly. If the bite was any kind of puncture, please see a doctor. Spouse was on antibiotics for a week after the second bite.

The small dogs are not any less alarming. My mother-in-law has a dachshund who seems to have been abused before the adoption...it's been at least a decade and the dachshund's still not safe to have uncontrolled around my small kids when we visit. I can't tell whether my MIL is just a better person than me to keep her and put all the time and attention and hope into her, or whether I am right that wherever she belongs, it's not and has never been in suburbia.

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