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April 27, 2021


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Maybe the 10 min a day is what you need to show up for to ever feel like training for something more? You're not going to go from nothing to an hour unless God blinds you or otherwise shakes you up, and 10 min sounds more do-able than even a 1/2 hr.

I'll have to look into that 2nd book - we've been doing lots of stressing around here, and it's hard to find the line between "stress about that giant gash or smashed finger that I don't *think* will need stitches or additional treatment and I have gotten to stop bleeding, because I am being vigilant to look out for signs of infection or additional red flags" and "stress over the red flags, before they have shown up." Or, you know, "stress about how your 10yo was in close confab with the new neighbor children, who you're glad she wants to meet, but whose family just threw a potential super-spreader party two days ago, and now they are nothing like 6 feet from each other and maskless, for only a 10yo knows how long, and how much do you try to semi-quarantine her without traumatizing her (heh) to protect your higher-risk family member who is the reason you haven't even gone grocery shopping in the last year (were you not paying attention, child??) vs how much do you try to appreciate that she likes to make friends?" Yeah, I might take a look at that book. It has been enlightening listening to the Great Books course (on overdrive from my library) about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - it is both fascinating to hear what people are discovering about how we process things, and also helpful to consider how I handle emotions and how I can examine, challenge, or even test my own thoughts and assumptions.

Hah, I am now hold position #40 on 2 copies, guess I'm not the only interested reader :-)

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