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March 30, 2021


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I boldly sent a text to my two neighbor ladies yesterday, asking if they wanted to have an outside moms' happy hour at my house -- and that's about as adventure-y as I'm feeling right now.

I called my sister during what was still the tail end of school :-) but boy did I need that call! I plan to call some far-away friends in the next few weeks too....

I like Airbnb experiences. We have done a walking tour of Athens street art and a home scavenger hunt virtually. Not expensive. We’ve also done a drawing class with the Met on YouTube, learned to do new dance moves from YouTube and looked at new hiking trails, arboretums and botanic gardens near us. I also like reading about a random bakery and going to try it. Or letting someone else determine turns in a car and getting lost.

Are we still feeling embarrassed about how much effort it takes to do anything? I am, I just didn't know if we were supposed to be past that.

My family of origin is very productive in all ways, at all times. I'm a changeling.

Cooking adventures? Those could be fun while still avoiding things that Covid makes weird. Or if there's a botanical garden in your region that you haven't been to yet, but is mainly outside, would that be good?

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