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February 07, 2021


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I would actually watch that, because my spacial awareness is nil. I remember taking a standardized test in 8th grade and being asked questions like, "Here's what this object looks like. Now rotate it 90 degrees. What does it look like now?" and I thought, "NO ONE CAN DO THAT. IT'S A SUPER POWER."

I have that superpower :-D sadly, not one of my children got the gene, woe.

Isn't this cold bracing!? Having lived in the upper midwest for, lo, these many years (my lifetime), I am accustomed. In fact, a winter without a few days like this feels wrong ...

My superpower is having a pretty good internal clock: I can practically always tell the time, within 10 minutes, even in the middle of the night. It freaks the kids out, but disappears completely when I'm sick or even just under the weather.
One of my kids has an eery facial recognition ability. We'll be watching a movie, and he will be able to tell where each of the other actors has played before, no matter how much makeup is involved (and not just the stars, either). Funnily enough, it comes with an total inability to remember names.

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