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February 14, 2021


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*Maybe* you could get 3' of snow in PA in the mountains. MAYBE. But I doubt it.

My husband said that last semester, they were all excited to Get Back in The Classroom! And See The Students! This semester it's all a grind with no break in sight. I agree, counting down to the next thing is not great but it seems that's where we're at right now. :-/

At least you are at mass -- we're still watching online because I don't know that our church is doing a great job with this (even though our pastor was hospitalized with COVID at Thanksgiving and has since announced his retirement). Most of the parishioners seem to be in the age group that's eligible for vaccines, so maybe we can go back at some point sooner rather than later.

Going vegetarian for Lent: as we tried to plan meals for TWO meatless days this week, we realized that we rarely eat vegetarian and have no idea what to cook. We don't like fish, which vastly compounds the problem. Therefore I applaud you even THINKING about going veggie for Lent!

Hang in there!

I thought of you tonight as I received my ashes at a parish in NYC - kneeling at the communion rail, the priest used a cotton ball to apply them to my forehead. My son went to a local parish and they had the drive-by version using a q-tip to dispense.
happy Lent, I suppose.

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