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January 03, 2021


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I’m glad you’re back. I don’t comment often, but I read regularly. And I’ve missed you!

I feel like it's ok to be sad, even if overall your life is mostly ok. It's funny how some things just hit us in the wrong place and that's what starts the sad. I'm glad you're back and feeling better.

Yes. Certainly, over the fall of these long, strange, pandemic months, I have grown accustomed to the lack of certain things — the community of in-person church for instance. I have learnt to be ... comfortable, I suppose, with this new life. I was already primarily homebound, so there is that. Still, this loss of my one, primary, away-from-home engagement cut keenly. This Christmastide, I have been feeling that loss more sharply, like a toothache. The hymns and carols, the organ and candles .... one day, hmm?

Glad you're back. I'd say it's OK to be sad even when others have it worse. Like that sign in the ER that asks how much it hurts, and the face is smiling until almost midway, for some strange reason? Less hurty still hurts, if that makes sense.

Re what catches us and makes us sad - I totally sympathize about the emails. I watched On Pointe with my kids, especially my 14yo dancer, and the show came full-speed off of the end of Nutcracker at Lincoln Center into the wall that was March and the temporary shut-down...and then April and the first Zoom classes.... and we all pretty much started crying. It was so viscerally real, and we were so SO sad for the naively hopeful students who thought they'd be back in time for end-of-term dances in May.... The parody song that said if we didn't take care, "It'll last until July-a" also makes us sad. So optimistic we used to be....

Not exactly the same but memories about Beer and Hymns has been popping up on FB for me and getting me teary too. Wander over if you want to check out a post I made recently where they helped us with the Hallelujah Chorus last year. So fun!

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