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November 02, 2020


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I like it! Fewer people in my household, and mostly husband just eats what's served and the preschooler ignores our cajoling to try new things. But some day! I'll file this idea away.

I was wondering, though, what is specifically ON your dinner request board. I'm in a meal planning rut and it's always fun to see what others have in their rotation.

Would also take your Greatest Hits recipes involving lentils. (Gotta keep your lentil algorithm up there.)

Oh, sorry! Today it says:
pork loin
broccoli cheddar soup
chicken noodle soup
yellow carpet of tastiness [translation: dal]
beef stew
macaroni & cheese
massaman curry
sloppy joes

If I ask, only three ideas are mentioned usually. Spaghetti, tacos, or chicken enchilada bowls. I finally made a huge list and left it on my bulletin board. Now if I am truly stuck, and if I actually remember to look at it, it is so helpful. I do almost none of the cooking right now (see: ankle; cane; pain; and who cares about food/election malaise), so I am being careful to make sure I have clear recipes available for the meal plan. (I meal plan, order and pick up groceries. I am not a complete loss in the meal department...)

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